Sadichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2010 attended the event “Jyala Pura Liyau, Aba Sambidhan deu” in the valley today. The event “Jyala Pura Liyau, Aba Sambidhan deu” was organised by a group of energetic youths through Facebook, one of the most popular social media websites of our time.

Sadichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2010 at Nepal Unites Event 2

Sadichha Shrestha was also accompanied by other Miss Nepals including Malvika Subba, former Miss Nepal 2009 Zenisha Moktan and Sahana Bajracharya. Here’s the image gallery from the event.

The event comes from a group concerned to bring positive changes in the country on basis of uniting Nepalis for a common cause. Read the post A generation awakens with Facebook revolution on Nepali Blogger.

Images as published on Nepali Blogger.

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  1. Praveen U. Shahi

    Its really good to see, all are united for a positive cause & I hope you’ll
    will bring surprising results. My best wishes to all of you……


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